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Figures and Facts
Founded in 1956, China Water & Power Press (CWPP), affiliated to the Ministry of Water Resources of China’s central government, takes leadership of science and technology publishing in China. It gives priority to water resources, hydropower and electric power engineering, and it also touches upon computer, electronics, civil engineering, energy industry, environmental protection, popular science, foreign language learning, juvenile and children, fne arts, etc. In the aspect of publishing carrier, CWPP mainly undertakes printed publication, and is engaged in audiovisual, electric, online and digital publication as well. With 300 staffs, CWPP publishes more than 2000 titles (books, discs and tapes) every year, so far, totaling more than 30,000 titles. The headquarters of CWPP, together with its offices and three bookstores is based in Beijing. Besides, over 40 water & power professional distribution branches and professional bookstores under CWPP are also run in major cities throughout the country. In 1993, one of the first “15 National Excellent Publishers” in China was conferred on CWPP. In 2009, CWPP became a member of the World Water Council, the first among China’s enterprises.


Professional Publishing
As the most influential water & power professional publisher in China and even in the world, CWPP commits itself to “facilitate the development of water and power industries, disseminate science and technology, and promote arts and culture” With publishing water professional books as its most important mission, CWPP publishes over 1000 professional and educational publications on water each year. Some of the most important water & power professional books published in recent or the forthcoming years are: “Water Conservancy Encyclopedia China” (2006), “Encyclopedia of Rivers and Lakes in China” (2010), “Handbook of Hydraulic Structure Design” (2011),
“A Geological Guide to Water Power Projects” (2012), “New Techniques of the Heat-insulating & Humid-holding for the Concrete Dams” (2012), “Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Construction Series” (2014), “China South-to-North Water Diversion Project Series” (2015), “A Complete Compilation of Ancient Publications on Water of China” (2015), “An Encyclopedia of China’s Water Culture ” (2015), “Yearbook of Water Resources in China”, “China Water Development Report (Annual)”, etc. In 2006, when visiting the United States, President HU Jintao presented the “Water Conservancy Encyclopedia China” as a gift to Yale University. In 2010, the Library of Congress of the United States specifically bought and collected the “Encyclopedia of Rivers and Lakes in China”. CWPP also shows many bright highlights in other felids of publications. For example, it will launch the “Techniques of Wind Power Engineering Series” next year.


Digital Transition
At present, the “Digital Water Publishing Platform” (DWPP)-a strategic digital publishing project launched by CWPP is under construction. From this platform, the CWPP will be able to present the most comprehensive, deepest and most authoritative digital resource pool of professional water contents to both China and the world. Simultaneously, to coordinate and push forward construction of the “DWPP”, CWPP is launching several digital journals on water, expanding business in animation production, software development, project fle digitalization, etc., and introducing digital publishing models in terms of profession, education and trade books together with the printed books and journals, so as to develop a digital product system.


International Cooperation
CWPP has been committed to international cooperation since its establishment. For years, CWPP has been engaged in copyright business, co-publishing, book sales or cooperative exchanges with major publishing companies in the world, conducted academic exchanges with some overseas institutions of higher learning and research institutes, worked in smooth cooperation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the International Commission of Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), the World Water Council, etc., and published monographs or their translations by some world well-known scholars. Since 2003, the CWPP as a co-sponsor has organized Chinese companies to attend the World Water Forum & Exhibition for several times, and has been undertaking the construction and maintenance of China’s exhibition hall. For the 6th World Water Forum & Exhibition, the China’s water and power enterprise delegation is led by CWPP, which consists of nearly 30 institutions with around 100 participants to attend the meeting. CWPP is in charge of 387-square meter China Pavilion’s construction, exhibition and maintenance, and will undertake general service in multilateral or bilateral talks. The monograph “Managing Water Resources for People’s Livelihood and Sustainable Development” by CHEN Lei, Minister of Water Resources of China has been jointly published by CWPP and the Imperial College Press (UK). In the years to come, CWPP will provide services for other Chinese and foreign academic exchanges, cooperation talks and exhibitions, expand international cooperation business in copyright output and introduction, attempt at setting up overseas branches and/with conducting world-wide mergers and acquisitions, avail foreigners to publish their papers and works with CWPP, so as to “bring in” the advanced science & technology culture from the outside and let China’s water science & technology culture “go out”.


Incorporation Transformation
Currently, CWPP is undergoing corporation transformation. We would like to invite strategic investors in water-related or publishing fields to collaborate with us, to initiate China Water Publishing & Media Inc. (tentative) CWPP will, by the end of the 12th-Five-Year-Plan period, endeavor to develop itself into a water-related professional content service provider, characterized in unique depth and breadth both at home and abroad, by means of strategies of “three-wheel drive” (reforming, innovating and management), digital transition, international cooperation, incorporation transformation.


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