• Step 1
    Choose your Journal
  • Step 2
    Author Why choose us
  • Step 3
    Diverse forms of cooperation
  • Step 4
    How to become our author
Step 1Choose your Journal

Choosing the right journal can be a challenging exercise, and many factors are likely to influence the final decision. Factors involved how soon you would like to have your paper published, the focus of the journal and how well it matches the topic of your paper.
Having a set of guidelines to assess which journals will suit your paper best is invaluable and may make a significant difference to your publication success. For instance, you can take the following questions into consideration: Will the journal meet you aspirations in terms of publishing your work? Is the impact factor and the prestige factor of the journal sufficient for you? Is the focus of the journal similar to the main theme of you paper? Is there a desire to support the organization that sponsors the journal? Is cost or rapidity of publication an issue?

Step 2Author Why choose us

Founded in 1956, China Water & Power Press (CWPP), affiliated to the Ministry of Water Resources of China's central government, takes leadership of science and technology publishing in China. It gives priority to water resources, hydropower and electric power engineering, and it also touches upon computer, electronics, civil engineering, energy industry, environmental protection, popular science, foreign language learning, juvenile and children, fine arts, etc. In the aspect of publishing carrier, CWPP mainly undertakes printed publication, and is engaged in audiovisual, electric, online and digital publication as well. With 300 staffs, CWPP publishes more than 2,000 titles (books, discs and tapes) every year, so far, totaling more than 30,000 titles. The headquarters of CWPP, together with its offices and three bookstores is based in Beijing. Besides, over 40 water and power professional distribution branches and professional bookstores under CWPP are also run in major cities throughout the country. In 1993, one of the first "15 National Excellent Publishers" in China was conferred on CWPP. In 2009, CWPP became a member of the World Water Council, the first among China's enterprises.

Step 3Diverse forms of cooperation

1. Planned Book
CWPP publishes books with independent market operation, the executive editor would make relevant review and market research after which the application would be sent to the press president. After the application is approved, CWPP will sign a publishing contract with the author, and the executive editor would be responsible for manuscript compilement, first and second review, graphic design, promotion and distribution.
2. Co-publishing
For those able to publish by themselves yet seek ways for distribution for their promising books, we suggest a way of co-publishing. CWPP would review the manuscript, market operation and distribution, and authors afford the cost of design and printing.
Self-publishing gives author a relatively large degree of freedom. CWPP can help individuals and organizations to publish many kinds of books such as monographs, papers and picture albums.

Step 4How to become our author

Submitting a Book Proposal--the proposal you submit will be the basis on which we judge the paper’s suitability for publication. Therefore it needs to be organized in a way that provides the right information to us and to referees.
We suggest a proposal between three-to-six pages in length, although this may be supplemented by two sample chapters and a curriculum vitae, if available. If you've completed a draft manuscript, please indicate this in your proposal. Please do not, however, send in an unsolicited draft manuscript as your initial correspondence. After reviewing your proposal, a commissioning editor will determine whether you should submit a full manuscript. If possible, please send your proposal and any accompanying material by email.
Your proposal should address four main areas: 1. A statement of aims including three to four paragraphs outlining the rationale behind the paper; 2. A detailed synopsis and chapter headings with an indication of length and schedule; 3. A description of the target market; 4. A list of the main competing papers. Then we would evaluate your proposal or manuscript through evaluation by commissioning editor(s) and independent referees.


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