Chinese Publisher Signs Cooperation with UNESCO
2014-12-15 Author : admin Source :

China Water & Power Press recently signed a five-year memorandum with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in an attempt to extend knowledge of water resources to readers through bilingual products.

According to the memo, the cooperation will extend to education, publications, academic exchanges and digital media, which will generally focus on water and relevant cultures and civilizations of mankind.

In line with the contract, China Water & Power Press will be responsible for the English-Chinese translation of the World Water Development Report and a series of books regarding water problems in the course of urbanization and relations between water and civilizations.

The two parties will also collaborate on a number of bilingual publications to introduce China's water scenery, water conservancy technologies, water resources management and the construction of watercourses.

The Chinese publisher and UNESCO are also required to spread knowledge of water and its relevant cultures to the public through social activities, to make the public aware of the contribution made by water to social development.

The two parties also hope to extend their cooperation in other areas based on their common interest.

According to Tang Xinghua, president of the China Water & Power Press, the memo fixed regular, systematic and specific cooperation between the press and UNESCO, which has laid a solid foundation for the publisher's overseas development.(from

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