Four Books of Urban Water Series Prized by Chinese Publication Agencies
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On 5 December 2015, Chinese publication agencies, which are the Publishers Association of China, Chinese Academy of Press and Publication and the monthly magazine of Information on Publication, jointly announced in Beijing the final list of the 14th Outstanding Exported and Imported Publications.

Among the final list of 80 imported ones can be found four books of Chinese version translated from Urban Water Series (English) which had been compiled by UNESCO-IHP since 2007 and published by China Water & Power Press(CWPP) before the end of 2014.


These four books respectively are Urban Water Cycle Processes and Interactions, Urban Water Conflicts, Urban Water Security-Managing Risks and Aquatic Habitats in Sustainable Urban Water Management.

 Urban Water Cycle Processes and Interactions gives a thorough description of urban water cycle processes and interactions among various elements, as well as human activities’ influence on urban water cycle and urban environment, which helps us better manage urban water resources in an efficient way.

Urban Water Conflicts analyzes various kinds of water conflicts through a number of such cases that happened in a dozen of cities in 19th and 20th century, and inspires readers to think about how to provide sustained and safe water resources.

Urban Water Security-Managing Risks is composed of papers of international experts, which include general description of the “risks”, different ways of risk control and relevant case studies.

Aquatic Habitats in Sustainable Urban Water Management presents the challenges of urban water resources sustainable management and the overall strategy, technology, policy and management methods of the sustainable management of aquatic habitats protection and restoration.

The selection and promotion activities for Outstanding Exported and Imported Publications have been held annually in China since 2001. In recent event, over 600 imported books published in 2014 by more than 170 Chinese publishers participated in experts’ assessments and examinations. The final list was based on three rounds of experts’ reviewing and selection work and one week of public notice and comments.       

CWPP remains close working relationship with UNESCO-IHP since the spring of 2012 when the fourth edition of World Water Development Report was formally released. In December 2014, CWPP signed the Memorandum of Understanding with UNESCO for Cooperation in the Domain of Water and Culture, which further strengthened bilateral partnership in the fields of publication, education, research exchange and digital media on water, culture and human civilization.


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