A book series published by CWPP won the award of “2017 Excellent Science Popularization Books of China”
2018-02-05 Author : CWPP Source : CWPP

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China recently announced the winning list of “2017 Excellent Science Popularization Books of China”. The book series entitled Basic Knowledge of Flood, Typhoon and Drought Disasters Prevention for the Public (《公众防汛防台抗旱知识读本》丛书) published by China Water & Power Press, together with other 46 works won the award.


The series is co-authored by the Office of Zhejiang Provincial Headquarters for Flood, Typhoon and Drought Prevention and Control and the National Water Museum of China. It includes four titles which are centered on flood defense, typhoon preparedness, drought relief and the related engineering projects respectively. In question-answer format with illustrations and pictures, this series introduces knowledge of flood, typhoon and drought, and disaster reduction and relief skills to the public, especially targeting the teenagers, the aged, and the farmers.






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