“2018 National Seminar on Training and Development of Internet Finance Professionals” held in Guangzhou
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The 2018 National Seminar on Training and Development of Internet Finance Professionals, which was sponsored by China Water & Power Press, Guangdong University of Finance and Guangdong Internet Financial Association, and hosted by the School of Internet Finance and Information Engineering of Guangzhou University of Finance, was held in Guangzhou on 9 June, 2018.

Mr. Li Zhongfeng (Vice President of China Water & Power Press), Ms. Yang Qingchuan (Chief of Wanshui Publishing Division of China Water & Power Press), Ms. Mu Lin (Deputy Party Secretary of Guangdong University of Finance), Mr. Wang Xingnan (Vice President of Guangdong University of Finance), Mr. He Weigang (Chief of Financial Research Division, Guangzhou Branch of the People’s Bank of China), Mr. Fang Song (President of Guangdong Internet Financial Association), as well as over 200 participants from more than 20 provinces attended the seminar.

On behalf of the sponsoring organizations, Mr. Li Zhongfeng, Ms. Mu Lin and Mr. Fang Song delivered the opening remarks. In his speech, Mr. Li warmly welcomed all the participants and expressed heartfelt thanks to the host of the seminar, Guangdong University of Finance. Mr. Li also briefed the audience on the new progress and achievements CWPP had made in educational publishing. He pointed out that as the cutting-edge discipline of the Internet Plus, internet finance would bring opportunities and challenges to universities and enterprises. The seminar, he argued, aimed to solve problems, such as how to design courses and cultivate professionals, how the universities meet the demands of the enterprises, and what kind of resources the enterprises could provide for the universities.

After the opening remarks, 11 wonderful presentations were made by experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from different financial institutions, research institutes, universities and enterprises. Their speeches covered various topics including regulatory policies, the status quo, development trend and personnel demand of the internet finance industry, and especially emphasized on the significance and value of technologies, such as big data and artificial intelligence, for the research, practice and development in the field of internet finance.

Nine textbooks for internet finance has been programmed and will be published by China Water & Power Press.
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