CWPP Convened Symposium on Cooperation of Science and Technology Publishing in Hangzhou
2018-11-27 Author : Admin Source : CWPP

From 12 to 13 November, CWPP organized a symposium on cooperation of science and technology publishing in the fields of water resources and hydropower in Hangzhou. Mr. Wu Shulin, Managing Deputy Director-General of Publishing Association of China and former Vice Administrator of the former State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, was invited to give a special report. Mr. Tu Shuming, Party Secretary of CWPP delivered a keynote speech, Mr. Ying Youfeng, President of CWPP summarized the discussion, and the symposium was presided over by Mr. Hu Changzhi, Vice President and Acting Editor-in-chief of CWPP.
In his report, Mr. Wu strategically introduced the tremendous changes brought about by the information technology revolution to global publishing industry, the difficulties and opportunities faced by China’s S&T publishing, and the broad prospects of the integrated development of scientific and technological innovation and knowledge services. Mr. Wu’s report broadened the vision of the participants and strengthened audience’s confidence in further promoting S&T publishing.
Mr. Tu introduced the recent reform and development of CWPP, as well as the construction of the publishing bases for S&T works and the preliminary achievements, and put forward four suggestions to deepen CWPP’s relationship with the publishing bases and strategic partners. It is hoped that all participates would reach a consensus to conscientiously implement Central Party Committee’s guidelines and new ideas on water governance under the background of changed principal contradictions of China’s water governance. Mr. Tu also summed up the experience in S&T publishing, and called for enhanced cooperation in S&T publishing in the fields of water resources and hydropower, to better contribute to the reform and development of water resources and hydropower sectors.
More than 60 representatives from over 40 of CWPP’s publishing bases and strategic partners exchanged ideas and views, had in-depth discussions, and put forward suggestions around the topics of implementation of new ideas of water governance, integrated development of scientific and technological innovation and knowledge services, improvement of S&T publishing, and win-win cooperation.

CWPP accelerated to establish strategic cooperation with its partners from 2010, on the basis of which it creatively launched the co-building of S&T publishing bases in the fields of water resources and hydropower in 2014. As a result, CWPP has so far signed strategic cooperation agreements with more than 70 organizations, 28 publishing bases have been set up, and hundreds of scientific and technological monographs have been published.

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