Compiling of Book Series on China’s Mega Hydropower Projects Started
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Cooperated with Kunming Engineering Corporation Ltd. of Power Construction Corporation of China (Kunming Engineering) and Chengdu Engineering Corporation Ltd. of Power Construction Corporation of China (Chengdu Engineering), CWPP hosted the kickoff meetings for the book series of The Pillars of a Great Power: Chinas Mega Hydropower Projects (Nuozhadu Volume and Jinping Volume) in Kunming,Yunnan on 22 April and in Chengdu, Sichuan on 26 April respectively.


Ying Youfeng (President of CWPP), Huang Huiming (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of CWPP), Zhang Zongliang (Vice General Manager and Chief Engineer of Kunming Engineering, National Engineering Design Master, and Chief Editor of the Nuozhadu Volume), Li Guochen (Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Science, Technology and Quality Management Department of Kunming Engineering), Wang Shougen (Vice General Manager of Chengdu Engineering), Zhou Zhong (Deputy Chief Engineer of Kunming Engineering, Electric Power Survey & Design Master, and Chief Editor of the Jinping Volume), and some other experts and technicians attended the kickoff meetings.

The meetings clarified the responsibilities of the Chief Editors of the two volumes, and discussed and fixed the compiling and publishing plan and timetable of the book series.


The Pillars of a Great Power: Chinas Mega Hydropower Projects is funded by the National Publication Fund of China. It is a monograph consisting of two volumes, i.e. the Nuozhadu Volume and the Jinping Volume, each of which comprises 6 fascicles. This monograph comprehensively and systematically summarizes the major innovative technologies for the design and construction of Jinping I Hydropower Station and Nuozhadu Hydropower Station, with emphasis on the ideas of engineering design planning, and the research methods of and engineering solution to the major problems. It also introduces key scientific and technological innovations of the two projects from the aspects of project safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, resettlement, cost reduction, comprehensive efficiency improvement and so on. It provides an overall review of major challenges and breakthroughs of China's super hydropower projects, and thoroughly showcases Chinas strength and achievements in the field of hydropower engineering


Before and after the meetings, Ying Youfeng and his delegation visited Department of Water Resources of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Water Resources and Hydropower Vocational College, Yunnan Vocational and Technical College of Agriculture, Dadu River Hydropower Development Co. Ltd., and China Three Gorges Construction and Management Co. Ltd., expressing CWPPs willingness to further enhance exchanges and expand new ground for cooperation with them. Heads or high-level officers of these organizations received CWPPs delegation.


Additionally, Ying Youfeng visited CWPPs book distribution site in Kunming City, Yunnan Province and made positive comments on the activities it conducted.

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