This book is about the c ode for h ydrologic c omputation for h ydropower and w ater r esources p rojects .
Code for Hydrologic Computation for Hydropower and Water Resources Projects (DL/T 5431-2009)
ISBN: 978-7-5170-4306-5
Author: HYDROCHINA CORPORATION & China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute
Words: 46,000
Size: 140mm* 203mm       0 pages
Publication Date: January 2016       List Price: ¥ 80.00
Subject: Technical Standards
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Single/Series: Series

This book is about the code for hydrologic computation for hydropower and water resources projects.

Code for Hydrologic Computatio...
Author:HYDROCHINA CORPORATION & China Renewable Energy Engineer...
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